The Law of Privacy Explained

Perfect for the lawyer or consumer advocate facing the first case of invasion of privacy. Perfect for the citizen who wants to know whether he or she has a claim for invasion of privacy.

Written by Robert Ellis Smith, an attorney, and according to "Business Week," "one of the country's leading advocates of privacy protection."

This book describes the origin of the common-law tort of invasion of privacy then describes it in detail, with case citations. It then describes state privacy statutes, then lists the defenses to a lawsuit for an invasion of privacy, followed by an authoritative description of the current status of the constitutional right to privacy.

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A - Legal Reference
Consumer Protection eBook
An eBook that you can upload to your handhold device and consult whenever you are in the marketplace or at work, to see what privacy protections exist to help you.
B - History
the tug between privacy and surveillance in U.S. history
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500 names, address, phone numbers, and Web sites of the top experts and organizations in the field of personal privacy. $18.50
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D - Current issues
Anecdotes of Persons Victimized by Invasions of Privacy
Essays on privacy issues
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F - Legal Reference
G. Classic Still Available
1980 National Book Award nominee
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