Block Island Trivia
Quiz for a Rainy Day

Robert Ellis Smith, the author

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Block Island Trivia


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$14.50 -- Block Island Trivia -- Quiz For A Rainy Day

A fun book with more than 250 questions - many of them for children, too - about all aspects of Block Island.

A great game that will endlessly fascinate you. Play alone. Or play with a group. Adults and children together.

A fine gift for anyone who has visited Block Island, Rhode Island.

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Block Island Trivia

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Test your knowledge now.

What was NBC's Brian Willaims caught doing on the airport grounds?

It was a little bit fresh water and a little bit salt water. And it was a failure. What was it?

What's a Spa Boy?

Are there left-handed lobsters?

What is the spooky flash of light that Islanders see over the Atlantic?

2015 Robert Ellis Smith

ISBN 978 0 930072 20-9
Site updated June 2015

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More Block Island Trivia

What special powers do the First Warden and Second Warden have? How has that created a special industry on the Island?

How do you get from what was the Woonsocket House to what was the Block Island Hotel?

How many swimming pools on the Island?

How much fuel does the ferry consume with each crossing?

Which family name appears the most in the telephone book?

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