“A delightful read for everyone in business, government, the legal professions, and academia who want historical insights – and great quotations. I have warm admiration for Smith’s account of privacy themes." - Privacy expert Alan F. Westin

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Ben Franklin's Web Site: Privacy and Curiosity From Plymouth Rock to the Internet

A book about privacy in American history - from our founding to the present. (New 13-digit ISBN, 9780930072148)

Chapter Headings

WATCHFULNESS, 1620 – 1720
SERENITY, 1760 – 1800
MISTRUST, 1790 – 1880

SPACE, 1800 – 1870
CURIOSITY, 1820 – 1890
BRANDEIS, 1890 – 1930

WIRETAPS, 1910 – 1990
SEX, 1920 – 1990
TORTS, 1930 – 1995

NUMBERS, 1935 – 2000
DATABANKS, 1965 – 2000

CYBERSPACE, 1990 – 2000

Cast of Characters (Partial)

John Adams
Samuel Adams
L.L. Bean
Henry Ward Beecher
Tina Brown
Tim Berners-Lee
Edward J. Bloustein

Louis D. Brandeis
William J. Brennan, Jr.
Johnny Carson
Anthony Comstock
Clint Eastwood
William O. Douglas
Sam Ervin, Jr.

David H. Flaherty
Benjamin Franklin
Jay Gould
Estelle Griswold
William Randolph Hearst
Hugh Hefner
Elroy "Crazylegs" Hirsch

J. Edgar Hoover
Thomas Jefferson
Alfred C. Kinsey
Edward I. Lawson
Hal "Bug in the Martini Olive" Lipset
Bela Lugosi

James Madison
Cotton Mather
Ralph Nader
Richard M. Nixon
Sandra Day O'Connor
Roy "Big Boy" Olmstead

William Prosser
Joseph Pulitzer
William H. Rehnquist
Abigail Roberson
Tom Selleck
Billy Sidis

Henry David Thoreau
Linda Tripp
Mike Virgil
Daniel Webster
Alan F. Westin
Walt Whitman
Hugo "The Human Cannonball" Zacchini

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D - Current issues
Anecdotes of Persons Victimized by Invasions of Privacy
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